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Edmond Meadows DURHAM

Born: 31 Dec 1891, Woodville, TyleCtyTX
Died: 25 Apr 1936, Rotan, FishCtyTX, age 44

Find-A-Grave 47468119, TX

Father James B. DURHAM

Mother: Mary Jane WHEAT

Edmond M. Durham


13 Dec 1914,

Jessie Matilda BAKER

Born: 4 Jan 1888, LaGrange, FayeCtyTX
Died: 23 Feb 1959, Houston, HarrCtyTX

Find-A-Grave 47468434, TX

Father: Stephen F. Austin BAKER

Mother: Harriet G. BYERLEY

Jesse Baker Durham


Edmond Meadows Durham


Dean Patterson Carson Durham

1. Edmund Earl DURHAM "Bull" World War II (b. 28 Aug 1915, Rotan, FishCtyTX, d. 31 Dec 2003, Abilene, TaylCtyTX)

  • m1. Elsie Louise STRALEY

  • m2. Dean PATTERSON

Children to Elsie:

Reba Arroyo 1. Reba Ann DURHAM (b. 1940, TX)
  2. Private
  3. Private



  • Edmund E. Durham went by Earl. He had a lot of nicknames: "Coach", "E. E.", Papa Bull", and "Paw Paw". I called him "Daddy Dink" as a child. He was most often known as "Bull Durham". In fact it was the name of his TV Repair shop,  Bull Durham TV Repair Service in Abilene, TX.

  • During WW II, he was in the US Navy, and administered physical training to officer candidates in New York City. He was on the roster of the very first Great Lakes Navy Football Team in the Great Lakes region during World War II.

  • For more information on Ed Durham's family, click his name above.

Violet Irene DURHAM Asher


2. Violet Irene DURHAM (b. 27 Feb 1917, Rotan, FishCtyTX; d. 16 Oct 2001, Houston, HarrCtyTX; Find-A-Grave 6470649, TX)


  1. Private
  2. Private
  3. Private



  • Violet (Durham) Asher was a devoted wife, mother and Christian. She graduated from ACC in 1941, then married Nial Asher in 1944. She was the first in her family to earn a college degree.

  • View Violet's obituary.

Ethel Louise Hagar DURHAM


3. Paul Stafford DURHAM World War II (b. 16 Nov 1919, Galveston, GalvCtyTX; d. 26 Jan 2014, Pasadena, HarrCtyTX)

  • m. Ethel Louise HAGAR (b. 4 June 1925, Bald Prairie, RobeCtyTX; d. 3 Dec 2019, age 94)||
       Parents: Lois Dow HAGAR / Maggie Laura CALDWELL


  1. Private
  2. Private
  3. Private



  • Paul attended "telephone school" for two years after becoming married. He then joined the U. S. Marine Corps. and shipped overseas.  Paul  participated in two major Pacific campaigns. First was the Battle of Peleliu (Operation Stalemate II - September to November 1944) where over 2,300 American soldiers and 11,000 Japanese soldiers lost their lives. It was later called "the bitterest battle of the war for the Marines".  followed by the Battle of Okinawa (1 Apr to 22 June 1945).

    Next Paul fought in the Battle of Okinawa (1 Apr to 22 June 1945). This engagement saw the loss of 20,000 Americans and around 110,000 Japanese. 150,000 Okinawans were also killed.  It was on of the bloodiest battles in the Pacific, called "typhoon of steel" because of the sheer numbers of Allied ships and armored crafts that assaulted the island, and the ferocity of the fighting.


4. Kenneth Ray DURHAM World War II (b. 18 Jan 1923, Alleyton, ColoCtyTX)


  1. Private
  2. Private
  3. Janet DURHAM (b. 27 Sep 1958, Odessa, EctoCtyTX; d. 1 Dec 2000, Nashville, DaviCtyTN)
  • m. Private on 28 Apr 1984, Dallas, DallCtyTX)



  • Kenneth R. Durham was founder and owner of D&B Glass Inc. He was on the Founding Board of Southeastern Children's Home, Duncan, Spartanburg County, SC. He also was active in the production of the Greenville Singing Christmas Tree, District Governor of Toastmaster's International, and a member of Downtown Rotary Club for 35 years. He was also served his country during WWII. He enlisted in the U. S. Marines on  Aug 16, 1942, and was released on Oct 5, 1945 4.

Victor Durham
5. Victor LeRoy DURHAM World War II (b. 25 Mar 1925, Columbus, ColoCtyTX 1; d. 21 July 1944 in Guam - killed in action; Find-A-Grave 3022022, TX)

  • US Marine Corp. Pfc. Victor L. Durham was killed in action on Guam in WW II. On 21 July 1944 4, he is interned at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio, BexaCtyTX, Plot T 30 2

  • "As my father and uncles have related the story, Victor desperately wanted to join all his brothers in the service of his country. Because he was only 17 at the time, his mother would have to sign for him to allow enlistment. He begged and begged his mother to let him go.  At first she refused, but eventually she gave in.  He would be the only Durham son not to return from the War.  The other brothers all came home safely." - website author.

  • Here is Edmond's obituary.

  • The family lived in Alleyton, ColoCtyTX.

  • Jessie Baker Durham is buried on the San Jacinto battlefield (or Grand View Memorial Park, Pasadena, HarrCtyTX). She (called "Grandmother Durham" later in life) was baptized in 1896 in Jordan Creek into the Church of Christ by "my daddy". She attended Indian Creek in Fayette County, Salome in Williamson county, Wright in Fisher county. Her teachers at Wright were: Miss Antonio Miners, Mr. Brooks, Joan Nichols, and C. R. Mauldin.

  • Edmond Meadows Durham was baptized in 1918 into the Church of Christ in Rotan, FishCtyTX.

  • From 1930 US Census for Precinct 5, StonCtyTX, Aspermont Rotan Highway:

    Family 197

    Name Rel Sex Race Est.
    Age Mar.
    E M Durham Head M White abt. 1891 39 M TX TX TX Farmer
    Jessie M Durham Wife F White abt. 1887 43 M TX US US  
    Earl Durham Son M White abt. 1916 14 S TX TX TX  
    Violet Durham Dau F White abt. 1917 13 S TX TX TX  
    Paul Durham Son M White abt. 1920 10 S TX TX TX  
    Kenneth Durham Son M White abt. 1923 7 S TX TX TX  
    Victor Durham Son M White abt. 1925 5 S TX TX TX  


  • County/State Abbreviations:
    AlleCtyPA, Allegheny County, PA
    BexaCtyTX - Bexar County, TX
    ColoCtyTX - Colorado County, TX
    EctoCtyTX - Ector County, TX
    FayeCtyTX - Fayette County, TX
    FishCtyTX - Fisher County, TX
    GalvCtyTX - Galveston County, TX
    HarrCtyTX - Harris County, TX
    RobeCtyTX - Robertson County, TX
    StonCtyTX - Stonewall County, TX
    TaylCtyTX - Taylor County, TX
    TyleCtyTX - Tyler County, TX

  • Page Sources:
    1. Texas Birth Certificates, 1903-1932

    2. U.S. National Cemetery Interment Control Forms, 1928-1962

    3. US Navy Casualties Books, 1776-1941

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