Two Lives - Part One

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Separate Lives - Two Different Worlds


Twin Girls! Proud Dad Two Helens Grandma Nora


Portrait Dad Chuck and Lynda Relaxing

1964 - 66

Girl Scouts Red Pants! Birthday New Wagon
Another B-Day! Two Peas Christmas '66 Alabama

1967 - 70

Alaska Twins Turn 5! Dan and Steve Piggy Tails
Communion Cuties! Rita Four Candles

1971 - 77

Another B-Day Girl Scouts Mamiel With Arleen
Recital Busch Gardens Jr. High Always Smiling
Kitty 1 Kitty 2 At The Beach Grandma Nora's
Cheerleader Donnie Surprise! Homework



Jim Comes Home Dad Sister Reba Brother Tom


Studio Sitting on Freezer Tom and Dad Washtub

1964 - 65

Jim Comes Home Dad Sister Reba Brother Tom
Nanny and Daddy Pup Six Flags! Christmas '65

1966 - 69

Daddy Straley Best Bro Ever Tom's Graduation With Dad
Tractor Christmas '66 Jimmy & Chu-Chow Roberto

1970 - 77

On The Couch Playing w/ Rebo 4th Grade Buster
Flight To See Dad Living With Arroyo's Rooster Bob Monster Room
Show Calf Cat-Fishing Stringer Full Jaws
Jackie, John, Tom Nanny Skeet and Prince Lee and Farrah



Two Wildlings - High School Years


1978 - 81

Mom Pep Ladies Laughing Self Portrait
B-Day! Carol Workin'... the Box
At Home Twins and Mom Christmas White Dog
Cooking Sexy Pose Hats Grads!


1978 - 81

David Rina and Daddy At the Fair Guitar w/ Robert
2-A-Days Discus Wheatfield FW Stock Show
Spot The Pig Battleship! H-Coming vs. Breck
Basketball Track Coon Huntin' Graduation


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