The Annual Durham Family

Christmas Cookie Competition

aka: "The Great Cookie Calamity!"

2013 - Cows

A mess...
Five Colorful Cows The winner!

2014 - Pigs

Mix and Match Costumes
A Passel o' Porkers


2015 - Sweatshirts

Batch after batch
Highly Decorated The Entries... ...the Champ!

2016 - Trains

Train Theme

2017 - Stegosaruses

Sculpting the Stego
Nice batch!
Creativity at Work 1st Place

2018 - Akitas

This is serious!
This year's crop
Canine Line-up
Snow Woog!

2019 - Martini Glasses

"The 'Stach"
Store ready
Martini Menagerie
Baby Yoda Loser's Row...

2020 - COVID Viruses

Singing Christmas songs!
Infecting Our Work!
Fishy Winner!

2021 - Snow Globes

This year's offering!
Night Sky Winner...again Sad..sad...sad...


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