2019 Durham Family Pictures

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Tons of Pics Paying Their Respects Joni Beckham Andrew!
Dani and Rachel Capable Crew! Christmas Cool Lady

Misc Winter Pics

Chilly Day Jim and Chuck Quite a Puzzle! Deet! Valentine's
Instructor at Keystone, CO Sibs! Martins at Home

Remembering 402

Cousins! Dar and Moose... ...and Donnie... ...and Chuck... ...and Lynda...
...and Danny Rock Party Godzilla! R&R Stones for the Garden

Spring in Connellsville

Spring Chillin' Playing in the Dirt Tractor! Ohiopyle Nat'l Park Great Kids Dymanic Duo I Love You!

Katie's Graduation

Driving Down On the Big Screen! Proud Uncle Lou and Tina Claudia! Fun with Dr. Durham Ham it Up! Let's Get the Party Started!

Misc. Spring Pics

Dani Travels to Guatemala Packed St. Pete's, Fla. Dinner With the Peter's Mulching The Phlox are Blooming
A Lion King Moment Honeysuckle Well Deserved Break Tanya and Dar Passed Out Barbara Bonnie BDay

Peperak Reunion

Duke and Edwin Pep Boys + 1 Des and Bailey The Gazebo Suzie and Miko Rita and Donnie Peperegatta!
Inspection Race Time! Audience Dar and Jim White James' Tiki Bar New Bartender? The Starters The Whole Team

Misc Summer Pics

1st Float The Berg's New Raft Canadohta Martins Bass Pro Sinks and Peps Dex!

God, Can We Get Just One Family Picture!

Enthusiastic! That's Just Wrong... ...Much Better Therapy Time... ...Much Better Pony Ride Cookie Bear

Thanksgiving and Nanu B-Day

Feast Candle Kinda Scary... Turn the Heat Up! A Face We Recognize A Walk

Misc Fall Pics

OMC Golfing Mexi-Feast Dad's BDay Halloween Pac Man Jr. Golfing with Luke Jim and Denny
Cabin PIc Firewood Starbucks Gal McM Vista W/ Oakes and Velikys Penn State Game
Jane and Dar Jim and Rick Fall Walk Wall Fire OMC at the Market Jurrasic! FFL Draft at Snyder's

Martini Cookies

The Kitchen The 'Stash The Uni The Boss The Teddy The Batch Olive Martini
Hula Girl Beaker This Year's Entrants Yoda Wins! Unhappy Losers!

Christmas Day

Christmas Village Fudge Elf? Mom Sock it to Me!
Warm Toes Fox Ode to Dani Sweet Son Sweater Puzzle!

Christmas Party in C-Ville

Santa at WSJ Austin's Gals We Love Her! Brittany Connie Sisters Pep Fam
Enjoying the Party Bros Duke & Cub Siblings Zach & Mac Riley Allie


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