2018 Durham Family Pictures

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Misc Winter Pics

Mom's Bday Pamela's Diner New Year's Eve Dar and Beckham Hud & Carla Minor Surgery
Dani in Colorado WIntery Walk Chilly Out Dad's Frame at the Office Sushi Chef Viola!


A New Friend Balancing Act Flor de Caņa Rum w/ Doug Avocado for Breakfast Cross Beach Walk

Smuggs 2018
2018 Roll-Call: Jim, Dar, Austin, Dani, Doug, Zach, Chuck, Susie, Chuckie, Alex, Sydney, Luke, Allie, Reese, Lexie

Got Skis Welcome! At the Lodge Maple Martinis Bear & Mouse Ski Gang Reese & Deet
Crew at the Top Dar's Gals Tom Sawyer AP Mexi-feast Sibbies 2018 Smuggs Roster

Spring Adventures

Spray Wash Queen CV Musical Great Moms Cabin Brunch at The Porch Bunny Bones

At The Beach


On The Pier

Beach Scene

Bro and Sis

Dar & Kelly


Dad Visits Texas

HS Friends

Michael's Grad

 Lookin' Sharp

Bull Durham

Texas Folks


Jeff and Melissa

Misc Summer Pics

CV Golf Classic Car Dance Guido Pirenese Evergrain Trinity Golf Deck Dinner
Dani and Darby Dad's Tiki Bar New Subaru Wednesday Hoops Tubin' Having A Good Time
Fledgling Artist Wildwood With Miko Too Much Rain Graham Bestie Jen an Joni Jim and Allie

Jennifer Knapp in Philly

Signed Couch Time With Jen Meet and Greet Venue JK! She Jams

Zach Starts His Journey at the Culinary Institute

First Day By The Hudson Bryce and Joe FDOS '18

Liz's Shower

All Smiles! Cute Pic Bridal Party Liz and Lynda Precious Dani and Riley

Liz's Wedding

Cabin Mom and Son At the Ceremony Go Big... D&D A Sign of Love?
All You Need Is Love! Famazee Who's Your Favorite? Nice Nice Shades Reception Robin
We Heart Poochie Peperaks Gettin' A Little Wild Dead Band Morning After By the Brook

Misc Fall Pics

Marvel! M.Bestie S & D Hike Two Works of Art Couch Children Pam
Claire Reunion A Boy And His Dog Todd Q. NASCO Gang Mexican Birthday Scratchies

Misc Winter Pics

Alligator Feast Allie Visit Fun Pancakes Market Baking Cookies! Watching G vs. KK

Ugly Sweaters

Work Ugly Shot Ski Oh, Man! Rockin' Couple

Christmas Parties

Tonya & Dar Zach and Val NASCO Oh No! Jimmy Beck & Cub Patty
George Riley Peperaks Holiday Pose Flannel Jim & Dar

Cookies and Akitas

Baked! Ready to Decorate Confident This IS Serious! Nice Batch
The Entries Are... The Winner!

Christmas Day

Live Music Minus One Nice T Gal Buns Happy Pastry The Chef


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