2016 Durham Family Pictures

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Big Snow

Over Two Feet! Snow Blowin' Big Task Sno-Face Zee Two Queens Eagle Duo Deer City

Dani in Colorado

Beauty Double Black The Gang Connor Chillin'

Misc Winter Pics

Blazing Cake! Dar's B-day Em Sexy 7 Reunion FFL Marc to Mark Jen and Pooch

Smuggs - Starting The Next Gen of Bombers!

2016 Rollcall: Dar, Jim, Dani, Zach, Selena, Niko, Allie, Reese

Trip Up We're Here! Ready! Breakfast Burlington At Night Bomb Squad
Sibbies Ice Cave Nanu and Selena Magic Marco Billy Bob Crew 2016
Welcome! Reese in School Fun Zone 2.0 Bear-ly Funny B&J's Too Much!

Easter in Connellsville

At Church Andy's Memorial Posing With Jean Her Children Zach and the Peaches Spring Selfie

Zach's CV Musical: The Little Mermaid!

What are you doing?

The Fluke Play Da Flute

Dance Like 'Dis

Under The Sea

Poor Unfortunate Souls

Don't Do It, Girl!

Pooch Out Your Lips

Angry Chef

You Won't Cook Me!

Kiss The Girl

Fan Club

So Proud


Mr. Andries


Evil Queens

Spark's Support

Loved The Show


Madara's and Daniel's

Two Stars

Sandy's Cake

Zach's Senior Prom - And Presenting the 216 Prom King and Queen!

Amazing Couple Elegant Setting Never Serious King! Royalty!

Misc Spring Pics

Golf With Jeff Emily's Boston Marathon St. Patty's LDOS Gal Pals OMC Golfing in NC
Glass Menagerie Zach Visits Pittsburgh Ramos Visit Hoops Jim and Miranda Brandon and Fran

Austin: Hamilton and Graduation

Nice sweats

Team  Laurie

Quite a Project

The Big Day

Zach's cool

Chem Folk

Austin, Robin K. and Sandy

Sushi Lunch

Proud Parents

Zach Graduates!

Giant Center Crab Hat Class of 2016 Proud Mom
Happy Pop! Buds Play-Mates Big Day

Misc Summer Pics

On Caddyshack's Deck Katie G. Julie Punking Us Peas In A Pod Graduation Party Fluting With Miko
Father's Day Float Floatie-Selfie Studly Ganstas Miko By The Creek Ocean City Uncle Tom Stops In
Post Graduation 4th of July Spirit! Mac's Party Lane Party Mikelyn and Emily
Cub's Birthday Party Bones and Cub A Typical Day Outside Backyard Fawn Babysitting the Boys Katie Visit

Dani Visits Guatemala

Backpack Local Cuisine Lakeside Selfie Stunning Kelly and Dani

Hershey Park!

Reese! Tiny Engines Juicy Boxes Frog Hopper Jayce & Allie Beckham!

Lake Canadohta '16 - All About Riley!

Dar On Boat Allie-P! Bath Time Happy Girl Together Again!

Misc Fall Pics

Fall Float Marsinko Beauties Alexus Barb and Paul Duke B-day Cole's Wed.
Daneka Aunt Dar Dar Evergrain FFL Draft Come Visit Us!
Outlaw Festival Breakfast at Pamela's Apple Pie! Pitt Crew! Lou's Cabin

Another Ugly Sweater Party!

Sistas Beckham J&D Rizeee Jim's 1st Party Shot-Ski! Happy Family

Dani Runs Her First Marathon in Philly

Go Dani! Here She Comes! You Can Do It! It's Over! Yeah! Proud Dad Mom's Impressed!

Misc Winter Pics

Pitt Mom Dar's Kids Jean P. Pitt Soccer! Sky Zone Sexy 4!

Christmas...and Cookies!

GM Holiday Party Cookie Contest Thomas! Lamby Da Winner

Christmas 2016

Morning! Fireplace Shot Flexible Lil' Z Poke-Dudes Git off dat couch!
New Skiis GOT Mug Love This Famazee Family Tree From Lil' Z New Jammies Exhausted Woog


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