2014 Durham Family Pics!

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A Winter Walk on Spring Lane

Mom and Pup

Dar Dar

What's that, Woog?!

Dat's a Good Boy!

Wintery Home

Here's yer treat!

Smuggs 2014

2014 Rollcall: Dar, Jim, Austin, Dani, Zach, Chuck, Susie, Chuckie, Alex, Luke, Fallyn, Lucy

Special guest - Lucy! Day One The Gang at Lunch Quite a View Mexi-Feast
Deet Arrives! Boarders D-A-Z! Snow Flurries Final Salute! Those Wacky Durhams

Zach's CV Musical: Children Of Eden

The Snake

Tempting Eve

Duet with Morgan

Cuttin' Loose!


With "Eve"

Buddy Sushma

Proud Mom

Dawn visits

Fan Club

Last Show

Spring Pics


Dani and Rachel

22 Years!

Patsy, Danny, Ken, Alan

Ken and Diane

Paul Durham, Great Man

Zach's Month In France

Arriving Montpellier French Pastry View from The Tower Notre Dame Inside Tower at Night
Versailles Fountain of Apollo Montmartre Arc Lourdes Pont d'Espagne Hiking
Pyrenees Mountains Winter Melt Waterfall Stretching? So American Mountain Splendor Returning

Dani Runs the Pitt Half Marathon!

Amid The Masses Shredding the Miles I DID IT! Proud Parents Her City! Achieve!

Misc Summer Pics

Deet Visits Pittsburgh With Andrew Dar's Red Jeep 57 Channels Zach Visits At Flat Rock With Em

Austin's 2nd Surgery

Before... Cool! Prepped All A-OK!

Myrtle Beach Vacation

Sand Castle Experts Chillin' With Grandpa Reese So Cute! Sistas Bros Catchin' Rays Final Masterpiece

2015 Birthdays

Mom turns 52... ...So does Dad Dani and Her Crew Dani hits 2-0 Turning 17 Over Sushi Zach's 17, Too

Jim and David Hit Albuquerque, "The Breaking Bad Tour"

Paa-Ko Ridge - Tee on #6 Scenic Day Memorable Final Hole at Sandia Buds!


Bedtime Zombies! The Rig's Donors At Pitt Beauties

Remembering Our Beloved Conan

Young Pup Loved Snow... But Not Pink Dolls Photogenic He Loved Walks... .......and Being Outside
Loved Darby and Dani... ...and Dad ...and Mom Cool Dude Loved Being At Our Feet So long :(

...And Introducing: Akita #3 - Miss Miko!

The Pick Up :) Mom's Girl Watchful Our "Rescue" Dog Pals On Her Walk Running The Yard!

Misc Fall Pics

FDOS FDOS, too With Carly Trip to Grandma's With Jean Rita's Fav A New Fan Steeler Diehards

Zach Cheering: Competition and Return As CV's Eagle Mascot

Go C-V-H-S! At VG after a Meet Cheer Banquet Zeagle and Mimi Fall 2014

Dani's Year Two At Pitt

Goin' Out Presentation Pitt Tower Yin and Yang Campers Tailgate!
They love school... Cornerstone Cheeky Group Pic Cutting Loose, Yo The Gang

Misc Winter Pics

Jars at  Penn State Matt O and Dani Beautiful! At the Gym 8 am Sibs Ugly Sweaters

Christmas Card Picture (or An Ode To Working With Uncooperative Animals)

OK, Miko, Look this way... Too enthusiastic Miko! Look here... Too busy Dani and Dylan The Winner!

Christmas 2014 - One We're Not Likely To Forget

Mimi and Zach The PA Durham's Traditional Fireplace Pic Twerk-mas, Part Deux Pizza Anyone? The Real Gift
Sisters! Uncle Nutcracker Odd T's I am... Mom Gift Pok-E-... ...Mon! Miko Loves
Scaring The Neighbors Enthusiastic Elves Cool Birdhouse Jolly Jammies Dancin' Whisker Road...the Game!


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