2013 Durham Family Pics!

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Smuggs 2013 "Best Snow Ever!"

2013 Rollcall: Dar, Jim, Margie, Dani, Zach, Carly, Chuck, Chuckie, Alex, Luke, Fallyn, Allysa

Awesome Trees! Luke P. Dani and Carly The Gang D and J

Misc Early Winter

Mom and Peeps

Don't Forget...


At B 'n B

A Little Party

Trinity Game

Trinity Thon 2013

Tim and Dani Mikaela Till Dawn! Raisin' Money 50G!

Dani Sr. Year at Trinity

To Protect and Serve

With Da Boyz

Sexy Seven?

Great Friends

School Daze

Acting Up




Jean's 81st B-Day

Darby's  Prom

Good Friends

Dani & Alyssa at Caprock


Zach and Danielle Proms



Zach and Macy


Thon Gang

Waiting Around

Dani, Katie and Hannah

Trinity Musical - Once On This Island

Madame Armand Backstage Competition Big Number

Cumberland Valley Theater - Real Gone and Grease!

Morgan Backstage Real Gone Jitter-bug Greased Lightening Hand Jive! Entire Grease Cast

Dani Graduates!

Famazee Tina and Tom Gals The Famous Jun Ko FB Pose
Gabby Five BFFs "Quintessa" Dani and her Uncle Zach and Tom

Nous Aimons Mimi!

Capital Visit Philly At The Spring With Dani Chillin' With Zach Shootin' Hoops
Myriam Is Colorful A New "Durham" Sushi Phantom! Oh Christine!

Misc Summer

Rooftop Beach Jace's Picnic Dani and Rachel Katie & Zach AD B-Day GQ

Austin at Hamilton

BioChem Chem Lab New Look Jake Winter Day On The Hill Holiday Party Red

Zach Cheers for CV

Arianna At School Cheer Camp Alexus Leading Out The Team Pep Rally Fans Friday Night Football!

Dani at Pitt's School of Dental Hygiene

New School New Room New Look! Friends Up For The Game Open Wide... 2013's Class Game at Hines Field

Lindsay (Poochie) Gets Married

Welcome! The Shower Rehearsal Reading Handsome Couple Jim and Dar Program? Looking Good!
Proud Family The Gangs All Here Jean and Her Eleven Reception! Durham's

Christmas 2013

Last Serving Cookie Time Pick The Winner... ...And The Winner Is... Nice! Time for Presents! Merry Twerk-Mas
Mom Loves Her Kids Happy Parents New Longsleeve T's Gotta Love Cash! Pic With Grandma We Love Buddy Sexy 7 Reunion


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