2012 Durham Family Pics!

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Misc Winter Pics

Jean's "80 Quilt"

Two Canines

At Roundtop

Smuggs 2012 (minus the Snow!)

2012 Rollcall: Dar, Jim, Austin, Dani, Zach, Chuck, Susie, Renee, Margie, Chuckie, Alex, Luke, Fallyn, Cub, Selena, Allie

Cousin Zone Dani and Selena Hittin' the Slopes Warm Outside Group Shot
Picking Up Allie Walking to the Notch Drop-Line Adventure Pep Boys 2012 Photo Moment

Jesus Christ Superstar!

Back Stage Lepers! Rachel & Selena Soul Sistas Dani, Carl and Will Proud Papa

Cast Party

Dani and Pals

Lasting Memory

Jim's Trip To Texas

Joy and Jackie The Mountain Place Drinkin' Tank Pastures Ablaze Clear Creek Oplin Mountain

Dani Soccer 2012!

Warming Up Game Face Where's The Ball? Moves Goofing Off Soccer Fans
Senior Night Selena X 2 Picnic JV Team 2012 Trisha, Dani, Maggie Sibs

Zach Confirmation

With The Bishop Zach and Danielle A Dynamite Moment In The Ladies Room..?

Misc Spring Pics

Easter Dinner Senior Ring Day Dani and Syd Spring Chorus Concert Proud Parents
Zach and Mom Squires PB&J Squire Adopt-A-Hwy Zach's Concert Chillin' At The DQ

Mother's Day

Aroma Of Summer Dar's Office Frame Dessert It Came From The... We Love Home

Summertime Fun

Thon Meeting Camp Yolig 2012 Camp Yolig 2012 Peace!
Zach Visits Wise Men? Pep Boys Ready for Tubing Takin' It Easy Relaxing

Deck Project

Let's Tear It Up, Boys Hard Worker Building Muscles Demo Warriors! Pile of Sticks Carpenters: Mike, Mark, Rick New Floor Boards

Misc Fall Pics

First Day 2012 Das Right! Dar's New Job Blues Clues Kitties and a Pup

Dani's Senior Pictures (Wow!)

Blue Blouse Knotty Tree Knotty Tree By The Creek Close-Up What A Girl!

Trinity Homecoming Fun!

Tough Chicks Homecoming Festivities Golden Girls Bro and Sis Beauties Dani, Emily, Allysa The Gang

Jim Turns 50 On His Big New Deck!

Guests Gather Kev, Danny, Rick Dan and Chuck Jim's Fam Chris, Kyle, Doug 50 and Happy
Happy Dancing! Slow Song B-Day Speech His Gals Lots Of Candles! A Man And His People

Hamilton Continental Football 2012

#36 Takes The Field This Tackle Is Big! CRUNCH! Diving Tackle Being Held
Victory Song! Proud Parents Loves His Mom The Maine Diner Pass Def.

Christmas Day 2012

Together Again Dancing Go Steelers! Nice! New Patent? Mom's Happy New Sweater


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