2011 Fam-A-Zee Pics!

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Trinity Football Banquet

Senior RB/LB
Presented by Coach Ragni

Fav Coach

"A Special Group of Young Men"

Thanks Coach!

Smuggs 2011!

2011 Rollcall: Dar, Jim, Austin, Dani, Zach, Chuck, Susie, Chuckie, Alex, Luke, Margie, Fallyn

Lots of White Stuff

Shuttle To Madonna

Mountain Top

Pep Fam

2011 Gang

Count 'Em

Winter Cotillion

Another pic on the deck

Dani and Pals

Dani Returns To Soccer!

with Trisha
Intensly Watching... Goal Scored!
vs. Camp Hill
with Kiersten...
... and Selena

Austin Returns to Track


High Jump

Triple Jump

Long Jump

Spring Uni's

Senior Prom

Austin and Lauren
Group Shot Oreo Bro's
Parents and Sibs
From Above Let's Go!

Start of Summer

Last Day Of High School
Storm Debris

Camp Durham With Soccer Girls

Selena Performing
Sleepy Dopey Gang's All Here

Graduation! - One Down

Zach and Tom
He's free!
Love Her!
We Are A Fam-A-Zee!
Ready For The World
Austin Mentor-Chief DeSanto

Summertime Fun

3 College-Bound Lads
Proud Grandma
Jean And Dat Woog
Uncle George
Beautiful Ladies
Nanu and Reese!
The GL Corps!
At The Theater
Great Burger!
Dani and Luke
Baking With Carly
Two Of A Kind
Dani and Gigi

Myrtle Beach, NC - Vacation!

Arleen and Reese
At The Beach
Just A Chillin' Sassy Gals!
Somebody Got Too Much Sun Great Picture Dani and Reese Family Pic On The Deck


First Day Of School - 2011 - Across The Country

Via Cell Phone From NY
Best Friends One More Year AT CV

Misc Fall Pics

Chari-Zach Homecoming Adorable Dani's One Football Game

Dani's NEON Party

Too Much Fun Settle Down, Carly! Louise G. Sighting! Rocking The Neon Soccer Gang
Zombie? Carly and Alyssa Dani and the Boys  Selena and Liza Dani & Angela

GS Football - Go Rams!

Eyes Of The Ram! Note The Socks Pressure! "Tackle Eligible" In Pursuit
Ready to Attack
Blocking! Tackling! Turnpike Classic Game Smack! All-Star!

Hamilton Continental Football 2011 - Go Buff and Blue!

Scrimmage vs. Yale JV's
Then...And Now Outside the Dorm... ...And Inside!
Vs. Trinity in Conn. Tackle for a Loss! Vs. Bowdoin in Maine Big Hit! Vs. Middlebury
Vs. Williams in Mass. Snow! Hamilton's Best Fans! Tired Linebacker
He Misses Mom And He Misses His Bro, Too After Last Game - A Win! LB Duo Def. Coach Mike Tracy

Zach's Birthday

The Ride Over Proud Parents Memorable Photo He's 14!

Misc Winter Pics

County Chorus
With Adria
Who's Outside! What's In The Bird? Thanksgiving Sweater Studs!

Zach's Winter Chorus Concert

It's Christmas! Zach's Pals Proud Sis

Christmas Day

Where Are The Toys?
Numero Uno Cowboy Fan Boarder #1 Gift Choice of 2011

Connellsville Visit and a Big 50 Party

Andrew and Dani
Grandma Jean Mom and Daughter
Look Who's Turning 50! With Mom Peperaks Grandkids


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