2009 Pics!
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CV Hoops

CV Eagle
Working For The Ball
Tourney Champs
Tori and Dani
Coach P.
Savannah and Dani

Smuggs 2009 - Pooch's 21st B-Day Parade!

2009 Rollcall: Dar, Jim, Austin, Dani, Zach, Bones, Arleen, Bea, Pooch, Josh, Joel, Nathan, Chuck, Susie, Chuckie, Alex, Luke, Fallyn

We're Back!


Proud Mom Moment!

Pooch Turns 21!

Ready For The Slopes
Dani & Chuckie
I Love It!
Sunny Day
Bones and Arleen
Top of Madonna Mtn.


Dogwood in Bloom
Zach - Lacrosse
East Penn Diablos
Dani Amid Poppies

Dani's Confirmation

Dani and Jill
Walking Warriors!
With Bishop Rhoads
Nice Pic!
With Dad and Mom

Columbian Squires

Selling Tickets
Pot O' Gold Baskets
Highway Clean-up
Powley Golf Tourney
Showing Off The Cash

Oh Yea, That Little Trip to St. Johns!!

Nice Trunk on Trunk Bay
Snorkling Dani The Bride
Man and Wife
Wedding Song Playing
Splat! Ready to Party! Hunky Wedding Dance Relief! w/ Arleen


14 Stone Spring Lane
Cone Flowers Grandma Alex Kayaking We'd Rather Be Fishing So, When Are You Coming Over?

School Mornings - 2009

First Day - 9th
First Day- 6th and 9th Yes, he sleeps that way... Trinity Bound

Trinity Football 2009

Not Giving Ground Fumble Recovery Stopping Susquenita Rushing vs. Roosevelt Pressure Corralling Ramsey
Diving for the Ball
Causing a Fumble TD #2 GS Players Run vs. Milton Hershey Yards vs. Middletown Proud Parents

"All On A Christmas Day"  Musical

"Won't You Be My Sweetheart"
Rufus! Derby Hat 50's Back Stage Hippie On The Loose

Misc Photos

Stud! New Year's Eve Eye Make-up Girls Being Girls
Going to the Ball He's 12 Hunters? Christmas

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