2006 Pics!

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Smuggs '06!

2006 Rollcall: Dar, Jim, Austin, Dani, Zach, Arleen, Bea, Pooch, Josh, Chuck, Chuckie, Alex, DJ & Jessica

B&J Ice Cream!
Mogul Mouse

Top Pic



Mom and Her Girls
The Crew!

Winter Basketball (2006-2007 Season)

Offense Lay Up Plus Kick! Inside Pass Defense! Free Throw
Time Out
Free Throw
Get The Ball!

Spring Sports!

Pep Talk
Rounding 2nd
Track and Field
Long Jump
Goofing As Usual

Misc Spring

Pooch's Graduation
Allie's Pink Jeep
Dani Loves Allie
Track & Field
Track & Field
Easter Allie
Dani & Leah
Squires Hot Dog Sale
Angels For Erika Serving The Needy
Shawn and Zach

Deet's B-Day Bash!

Gettin' Dis'ed
Buried at Volleyball
Black Plaid
Group Picture

Two Events With Visiting Family

Whole Family Dez and Bailey Dinner Time Dar and Jean

Florida with the O'Donnells

Sexy Momma
Hat Fun
Inside Terror Tower
Team OD
Team D
Tower of Terror
The Marsinco's
Rockin' Rollercoaster
Actually Rockin'
Disney's Beach

Dad's Annual Texas Pilgrimage

McM's New Turf
Ramos Boys
Zach Riding
Austin in the Saddle
Dani & the Cruiser

Summer Misc

HP Trip With Natasha
So cute! Still Havin' Fun Deet and Zack KOC 4th Degree

Danielle's Fall Softball Team

The Wind-up...
...The Release!
Rounding First
Pals Gabby & Rachel
Team Pic!

Rams Football 2006

Screen Pass
Zach #00 Driving!
vs. Juniata
Smurf Coach
Zach and Caleb
Brothers 00
vs. Holy Name
Rit Encouraging
On Defense
Punt Return for a TD
Playoff Game
Huge Hole!
vs. Swatara
1st Team All-Stars
All-Star Game
West Captains
Goalline Run
Hard Tackle!
Team Pic
Ram Stars!

Misc Fall
First Day...
...Of School!
PMEA Songfest Proud Mom Fam Support With Bryn With Bryn
Dani B-Day at Corn Maze
Halloween Lunch Ladies Dar Loves Jim 8th Grade Dance Quinn

Jars of Clay Concert!

Awaiting the Show
Zach's Fist Pump! Huge Fans Lightshow They're Here! Pic with the Band

Christmas 2006

Cookie Time!
Great Masterpieces Football On The Brain Dani! Warm Hearth Our Tree

Misc Winter

Zach's Communion
With x and Arleen
Singing For Zach's BDay
Ramen Noodles!

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