2005 Pics!

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Smuggs 2005! - Chuck and Fam Join The Fun!

2005 Rollcall: Dar, Jim, Austin, Dani, Zach, Chuck, Chuckie, Alex, Bea, Pooch, Cub

Video Game


Comforting Mom
Chuck, Bea, Pooch
Ready to Go!
Fun Zone!

Playing in the Snow

Pooch Catchin' Air

Misc Winter Pics

Moose & Fam
Steeler Nation!
Austin's CCD Skit
Mom's B-Day
Dress Up Day

Annie Junior - Austin's 6th Grade Musical

Austin and Kaycee
Uncle Danny
Megan, Austin & Chloe
Jill and Danielle

Allie's Baptism in C-Ville

We Made It!
Sissies Pooch Dani and Danny
Durham Fam
Easter Flowers
Love That Boy

Misc Spring Pics!

Passed Her
Visiting Grandma Elsie
Nye's Cabin Weekend OLOL Bball Awards Banquet WCH Banana Proj. Vet!

Jars of Clay Concert!

Dad and Dani
Deet and Mom
Opening Song!
Matt Odmark
Charlie Lowell
Dan Haseltine
Steve Mason

Trip To Texas

Dinosaur Valley State Park
T-Rex Texas Cousins Jurassic Footprint By The River Fishin' Nanny Deanne

Misc Summer Pics!

Katie's Graduation
Applebees with Ramos'
Austin and Gray Inseparable! Mom and Son WCH
Shaving With Dad
Inner Harbor Trip Josh Broken Trampoline! Father's Day Father's Day

Summer Sports

Air Ball!
Winning The Ball
Focusing on the Pitch

Fresh Air Kid - Natasha!

RIght Off The Bus!
Lazing Around
Fun With Hats
Fun With Hats
Natasha's Cow GS Concessions

Danielle Cheering at EP

Awaiting Next Cheer
Hey! Hey!
Dani and Rachel
Pony Team!

Football '05

Zach at Camp 2005
Austin and Nick
A New Player?
I Love my Uncle!
#74! Zach!
Zach Won't Let Go!
Opening a Hole!
Defensive End
#00 on the stop!
Driving Hard
Goalline Offense
Blocked Punt!

Austin Fall Soccer - Panther "Rage"

Awaiting the Throw-in
Missed it!
Giving Nick Five

Misc Fall
Zach's Thoughtfulness
Dad's Guchy Guchy
EDS Safety Day
FDOS (Older crew) Coach's Award

Christmas 2005
Merry Christmas All
Blondie Bikini Bear Rocket Cookie Lot Reindeer Food!
Santa's Helpers
The Big Guy Himself Christmas Morn Snowboard Reading Santa's Letter The Tree!
Elsie's Delighted
Nice Package Dani and Grandma Oh No... Dad's Mickey Cup Exhausted Woog

Misc Winter
Arleen and Allie
Pretty In Pink
Jean's Craft Sale
Poochie's Homecoming
O'Donnell Family
Danielle Turns 11
McM 20 Year Reunion
Indian Stadium
Joe Allen's BBQ
Dar's Work Pals
Home Protector
Jr. National Honorees

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