Fall 2002 Pics!

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Smuggs 2002 - YEAR ONE!

2002 Rollcall: Dar, Jim, Austin, Dani, Zach, and special guest David Q!

Learning To Ski

Daddy's Girl

Ski School

Snowy Top

DQ in from New Jersey

Tractor Ride

The Fun Zone


Misc Winter  

Quick Visit
Snow on the Deck
Dani Austin

Good Shepherd vs. Holy Name

Loyal Fans
Coach Durham
48 Sweep
Blanket Girl

Andy and Jean Celebrate 50 Years!

Jen & Poochie
Andy and Jean
George & Bunkie Boys Will Be Boys Twin Sissies

Danny and Kristin's Wedding

Nice Hair
Bride To Be Chillin' With Duke Peps Da Boyz Cake!

Misc Spring

Baltimore Zoo
Lion Riding
Visiting Elsie at Tom's
Spring Musical

Disney 2002 With the O'Donnell's (Jim's 40th B-Day)

Jim's B-Day - 40
Best Day Ever Yaba Daba Doo Rockin'... Roller Coaster! Mickey! Donald and Goofy
3D Experience
Is He Real? Team 2003 Throne DinoRide! Toy Story!
Parrot Twins?
Aunt Ar
Jaws! The Vacation! Daily Shower 3D Coasters

Misc Summer

Blueberries Graduation Party! Dani Loves Kittens Jen & Justin
Terry Visits PA
Austin's Birthday
Ramos Visit Pep Reunion

Misc Fall

First Day of School
Steelers Game! EPYAL Hoops

Memory Garden/Pumpkin Fest

3rd Grade Reps.
Chain Unbroken
Showing Her How
Ham it up!
Dave and Keegan

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