2001 Durham Family Pictures

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Misc Spring

2001 Class Family Photo Austin's Tree Easter Lipstick Girls
Elsie's Birthday Cake! Zacharina Easter Hair Styles Cheese!

Trip To Washington DC

The Mall Mom and Dad T-Rex! Subway Deet and Mom

Austin's B-Day!

Lots of Candles Dani and Elsie New Bike! New Airplane! Katie and a Kilroy


Enduring The Heat Simon Jenny and Justin Curious Pet Skilled Players

Summer Misc

Father's Day Weekend in Florida Universal Trip Ready to Swim Tweety PB&J Raid

Party At Lynda's

Moose and Fam D&K J&J D&K CAC Whole Gang

Fall Sports

Uncle Dave Proud Daddy The Gals Two Young Fans Deet and Zack Mr. Serious

Misc Fall Pics

Halloween Auntie-Thrax Dani's B-day Go USA! New Spidey Vest Happy Elsie!

Misc Winter Pics

Riels Visit! Nat Alex Steeler Game! Zach and Elsie Sibling Love


Zach at CareFree Zach at CareFree By The Tree Thomas! Lamby Da Winner

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