1999 Pics!

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Misc Spring

Daddy's Girl
Two of a Kind Zach at the Wheel Buds Couch Trip PSU Fans Daddy's Boy
Linda's Wedding at Napa
Wedding Guests Rebecca Linda Overlooking Alcatraz Vick P.

Andy's 70th Birthday Surprise!

70th! Justin Hugging Dad Stephen & Rita Our Family
Most of the Peps
Bea and Nanu Muscles? Baby Boy Aunt Patty Twinies

Annual Texas Trip

Big Fish! At Six Flags Cousin Rina Taz Magic Fountain

Peperak Reunion

Andy and Jean
Hustek's K & D Bonnie Lynda & Andrew Chuckie and Chuck Arleen and Poochie

Misc Summer

A Good Day
Tub Fun He Hat Cutie Pie Handsome Lad Story Time
Laundry Time From Our Gawden Playing With Cub Marriage Trouble? Just Kidding!

Misc Fall

Halloween Wow! Anne's Wedding Dani's B-Day with Nichole Ted, Maggie and ?? Mom!
Outfit Cute Couple Suave EP Panther Soccer Awards Soccer Terror Two-some Zach's B-Day


Under The Tree
Steeler Girl At Connellsvile Zach Getting a Hug Jean and Dar
Christmas Spirit
Arleen and Dani I Am Two Happy Pic Followed By Meltdown

New Year's Eve!

Dave and Jim
Dave and Lori Jim and Dar Tired Kiddos

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