1997 Pics!

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So Freakin' Excited!
Honey, I Shrunk My Kids! Sci-Fi Drive-In Restaurant 25 Years! Tea Cups! Mickey!
Disney Tram Chewie! Minnie! Pooh! Tigger! Exhausted!

Summer Misc.

Nanu and Jennie
Peperak Visit Beach Silly Girl Dad Camping

Zachary Finally Joins Us!

Won't Be Long Now
Monkeys Simp. Wt. The Big Day! Stork Proud Sister

Misc Fall

Mom's Shoes
Alex Stops By I Love Godzilla Monsters! Photogenic Bonding


Getting Ready! Batman & Angel Let's Go! Kev and Emma Nat and Alex

Christmas Card Pic

They'll Never Sit Cute Bundle Cracking Up Dad and Zach Join Yeah! Dolls!

Dani and the Lights

Real Tree! Dani Likes Lights Showing Off Ooooh, Bright!

Zach and Mac's Baptism in Connellsville

Behave Boys! Baptism Rita Godparents Mooose and Zach The Youngsters

Misc. Winter Pics

Pooh Sweater
Baby Brother Cuddly Little Zach Sibs Snow and Natalie! Riel's Visit Cold Out

Christmas in C-Ville!

Peters Family
O'D's Classic Goof Shot D-hams Steelers! Dar and Jean

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