1996 Pics!

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Trip To Boston

In The Airport
Office Visit Coloring Boston Aquarium These Two Are Always... ...Happy!

Chuck and Susie's Wedding

Jean and Steve
Don and Jimmy Nuptials Dancin' Nanu O'D Gals

Misc Spring

Easter Morning
Straw Hats "Binkie" Girl For a Ride Cowboy Fan Nap Time

Misc Summer

Save Her, Superman!
Waterfall On The Bike Trail Emma's B-Day Andy's Birthday Moshgat Wedding
Picnic at Little Buffalo
Miss Sheila Gettysburg Little Big Rock Jurassic Flowers


Dalmation & Superman Lovely Costumes Let's Go, Natalie! Supergirl Successful Treaters Admiring The Haul

Dani Turns Two!

Eyeing the Cake Elsie In Town New Umbrella Exhausted Visitors from Spokane

The Insufferably Cute Set of Christmas Card Pictures


Cozy Home The Tree! Acting Up Look Out!

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