1994 Pics!

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Visiting NJ
Nice Sweater? Pony Boy Superbowl Party! Mom Uncle Danny
Big Snow Fall
At Least a Foot
Making a Fire... ...and Gettin' Warm! CA Men's Volleyball


Blossoms on City Island
New Fam! Riverwalk At The Game! Senators! Happy Man Proud Grandma
At Katie's House
Kate and Tom Campbell Wedding To Many Toys Clenching Dem Cheeks Always on the Move

Austin's Two Birthday Parties

Ready For A Party
One Year Old!
Grillin' Elaine Al and Danny Birthday Party #2 Smear it!

Summer Texas Trip

Under Dad's Walnut Tree
Kristin & Lezley
Deanne's Sink Three Bulls Deanne and Bull Heading to PA!

Misc Summer

Reading Time
Alex's Birthday - Gals Guys Father's Day Austin's Chair
Tubby Time
Vacuum Tangle Clothes Pins Grandkids The Maple Tree

Nag's Head and Connellsville

Nag's Head Austin's Haircut Beach Lunch Clothes Pins Grandkids Galore! Pep Reunion

October 13, 1994! - Dani Makes Us Four!

Prepping She's Here! Calling Arleen Happy to be Home Too Delighted

Danielle's Baptism

Godfather Tom Godmother Terry The Blessed Water After Pose Good Looking Crew Kate and Grandma J.

Jane and John's Wedding

Kev and Pam At the Wedding Dani and Pam Danielle and Larry Nice!

Misc Fall

Nanu! Happy Brother Bouncy Seat Bike Ride! Kissing Through the Rail Show-Off!
Halloween Cowboy! Christmas Card Pic Cute Lad Grandma Cuddling Nice Pose!


"Better Be Good Boys!"
Santa At EDS
Unwrapping Dad Got a CD! Bountiful Hoops!
Twin Airplanes Cousins Grandma and Nanu Toast Jean and Bee Wrapped Up
The Gals
Put 'Em To Work! Two Grandma's Game Night Poochie and Jim

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