1993 Pics!

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Corp. Cup
Alex's Baptism EDS Casino Night Sympathy Weight Basement Couch Fun! Baby Food Coupons! Pam and Kev
Tony P.
Dar and Tony We Love HP! New Heights Tiny Tempers OD's in a Whirlpool Tub!

16 Windsor Way and Moving Day!

70th! Justin Hugging Dad Stephen & Rita
Most of the Peps
Bea and Nanu Muscles? Baby Boy

Darleen's Shower

Cake Lots of Excitement Texas Blankie Expecting Moms Group Shot Ar and Dar

May 2, 1993!

Resting Comfortably
Doc and Babe Mom's First Touch So Proud Glad It's Over Time To Go Home
Welcome Sign
Aunt A Grandma Jean Rita Forming A Bond Lamaze Reunion Dads and Dudes

Austin's Baptism at St. John's

Special Rite
Mom Looks On Godparents Andy and Dar Pretty Ladies
Cute Man-Cub
Aunt Helen Jimmy Foursome Two For One Clinger

Guests and Visits

Grandma Elsie Rina's Birthday Proud Pop Cousin Katie Relaxing at Tom's Tired Parents

Misc Summer

Baseball Salute! Toastmaster Banquet The Kline's Meeting Alex Chillin' at Ron's
The Last Piece Dad Austin! Little Chella Mom Heads Back to Work Still Dads and Dudes

Trip To Texas in November

First Plane Ride Straleys Feeding the Cattle Grandma Elsie Sink Bath Three Bears
Aunt Reba Rina & Ed Grandma Elsie Sink Bath Three Bears Three Bulls

Misc. Fall and Winter

Steeler Fans
Fall Bike RIde The Yough Ohiopyle Aunt Arleen Poker Night
Alex and Austin
First Fire! Babies Galore! Luggage? Handsome Couple Reception S. Carolina Wedding
RJR and Dark Beer
Halloween Party Lori Medusa Hardy's Gender Bender Lil' Pumpkin Bath Time!


Topping Our Tree
Picture Day At Connellsvile The Outlcasts Andy and Austin Cute Couple Grandkids

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